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I don’t know what they are so upset about. It’s not like it’s unusual these days, Gregor fumed to himself.  Family traditions are stupid anyway.  Isn’t this a free country?

But upset they were at his abandoning of a tradition that dated back to even before family’s arrival from the old country over a century before.  Gregor Gregorson had arrived with his father back in 1904, and set up a small butcher’s shop near the town centre.  Ever since then, the family had maintained its identity as Gregorson’s Fine Meats.   Six generations of Gregor Gregorson’s had provided the community with the highest quality meat.  

Gergor the Ninth, now a father himself, had thrown the family into chaos.  Not only had he married a vegan, but now he was stepping away from the family firm to open a green grocer’s, of all things.   If that was not enough of a shock, he made matters worse with his son’s name.   Yes, how could the family ever forgive him for naming the family’s future head – Gregory?




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