Moving Discovery

I minored in archaeology.  It was an interesting complement to a ecclesiastical history degree.  Later when I moved to England, I was able to use the qualification to work on a dig at a large Anglo-Saxon burial ground, which was going to be built over as part of a modern development.

One of the graves that I excavated was that of a young teenage boy.  He had been buried as a warrior.  The shield boss was in place near his left elbow, and an iron spearhead has to the right of his head.  An iron knife was in place on his hip as well.  

This “warrior” however was in many ways still a child however.  He was small in stature at the time of his death, but what really stood out and affected me was the the fact that on his hip there was also evidence that a bag or pouch had once hung from his belt.  Its contents were still in place:  smooth perfectly spherical stones – his marbles.  




Sunday Writing Prompt – 30th August – Discovery

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