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It was a place steeped in Elf-lore.  The Blue House was a place of refuge, and within its walls no harm would befall those seeking its sanctuary.  

Hellon had always doubted the existence of the house.  After all it was preposterous that a glowing blue building would materialise at the place in which one found themselves in greatest need.   No need to seek it, it would find you.  No, Hellon thought.  Even magic doesn’t work that way. 

That was before the Ogre attack which had killed his two best friends, and left Hellon himself fleeing blindly into the dense forest.  His shattered collar bone made any additional resistance on his part nearly impossible, and jolting pain shot threw his shoulder with every step he took.

To make matters worse, the Ogre could be heard roaring behind him.  It was not endevouring to run him down, but merely kept pace with Hellon to ensure that he ran himself to exhaustion.

Suddenly there was a blue glow in the woods, and the trees gave way to an intricately designed pathway which led to a sturdy house emblazoned with a blue tree at its gable end.

Preposterous or not, Hellon jogged onwards to the threshold.




Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #81


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