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It is said that one can never truly go home again.  People and places change, but little did Kurt expect the extent to which the maxim was true in regards to his childhood home.

First there was the drought, then the economic collapse, and the war.  Many from the region became refugees on the road to “better times, in better places.”  The family couldn’t even sell the property, as it had no market value.  In the end his father bundled what could be loaded onto the family car and they too headed to the “land of promise.”  

Well it may have been a promise, but it was a one that wasn’t kept.  Low wage jobs, and poverty welcomed the migrants.  Dad died after only ten years, and Kurt, barely eighteen was thrust into the role of the head of the family.   But they did survive.  

Then, after seventy years, Kurt’s mom passed.  As Kurt was going through her effects, he found the deed to the old home tucked into the back of her Bible.  He was now the owner of a “home” of his own.  Who says, “one can never truly go home again?” It just might need some work.


(199 words)



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