When I’m Old

Porch, Rocking Chair, Wood, Relax, Front Porch, Leisure
Waylin at Pixabay

There are many lessons – so I am told

That I should consider – for when I’m old

Chickens, I should not count – before they are hatched

And it’s permissible – that my socks be mismatched

Cumulonimbus clouds mean – it probably will rain

That will be almost as accurate – as my rheumatism pain

The grass is always greener in the neighbours’ yard

Because mine should be gravel, because mowing’s to hard

My garden should have some hints of verdant green

Kept in raised beds – where they are easy to be seen

And because I’ll be no wild Huckleberry – on the run with Jim

A rocking chair will be the place for me – not chasing about like him

And when you come to visit – the spice market that you’ll smell

Will just be Ben-Gay and vapour rub – to keep me feeling well 

And when my evenings come around and I sit in candlelight

The antique brass will be varnished –

No need of polish to keep it bright

There are many lessons – so I am told

That I should consider – for when I’m old




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #37:

The theme for this week is When I’m Old. The words or phrases for this week are wild huckleberrycumulonimbusverdantspice marketantique brassthe grass is always greener, and candlelight.

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