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The mechanic scratched his head and drew in a deep breath between his teeth, making a slight whistling sound.

“Been awhile since I last saw one of these, and that compressor ain’t going to be none to easy to replace,” he said.

“Well I can’t just stay stuck here in the back of beyond,” Cartwright responded.  “Is there anyone nearby, that might have the part?”

“No one in these parts.  These G342 valves is kinda special.  Ol’ Hendrix might be able to fabricate one for you, but I don’t know how far it would get you.”

“Well I can’t afford to break down in a place even worse than this.  How long will it take you to get the proper part?”

The mechanic drew another whistle-like breath and said,  “Week, maybe ten old Earth days.  Wish you business-types used domestic vehicles, not these rubbish Saturn imports.  You think about that next time you need a new saucer.”


FOWC with Fandango — Replace

One thought on “Estimate

  1. That reminds me of when I owned a SAAB 900 Turbo and took it to a gas station when I had engine problems. When the “mechanic” looked under the hood, even though the car was from Sweden, from his perspective, it could have been from Saturn. He was clueless.

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