The image: Ruth at Ruth Scribbles

It was said that all roads led to Rome.  Later, in the Medieval mind – Jerusalem was the centre of the world.  In Cambridge, the datum point from which distances to all other locations are measured is at Great St. Mary’s Church.  

Time too has its convergences.  A rough estimate of the date of the birth of Jesus is used as the transition between BC and AD in the Christian (and more generally Western) Calendar.  While the same date is used, minus its religious connotation to mark BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (the Common Era).  

But this was different.  As Rory cycled on what he perceived to be his usual path, he noticed several other pathways angling in towards him.  Surely this wasn’t like this yesterday, he mused.  But, sure enough, paths were all, like the spokes of some gigantic wheel coming together right before him.

As he entered the hub, an eerie blue-green light shot down from the heavens.  Rory’s new life as a servant of Emperor Zorg was about to begin. He had entered point Z, the convergence of all time and space.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #83

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