Night Shift

Ikea, Warehouse, Industrial, Tempe

“I hate working shifts.  No sunlight, only the artificial stuff.  I can almost feel my bones crumbling from the lack of vitamin D,” Howard moaned to his co-worker, Deidre.

“It’s not so bad working nights,” she replied.  “It is kind of romantic.”

“Romantic? I think these night shifts have driven you around the bend.”

“Not at all,” she retorted.  “We live in the world of stars and stardust.”

“And incandescent light,” Howard mocked.

“Okay Mister Practical.  When was the last time you got stuck in a traffic jam?”

“On our last day shift,” Howard replied.

“Exactly,” Deidre said. “Besides, I like going to sleep with the moon. It’s kind of romantic, like I said earlier.   I can see the world from a fresh place, full of possibility.  Like the poet said, ‘In their dreams they sleep with the moon.’ I do that.  It’s poetic.”


Prosery Monday: Moonbeams and Moon Dreams

“In their dreams
they sleep with the moon.”–From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River”

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