The Flight

Fog, Forest, Mountain, Nature, Pine Trees, Trees

Joshua wondered how far he had already come.  The had run at first, but this slowed to a walk.  Later, after he had twisted his ankle, it became more of a hobble, but he was still putting distance between him and the “thing.”

He was tired, wet, and the pain from his ankle shot through his entire body with every step.  He knew he would have to stop soon.  Between the pain and exhaustion he was already at the point of collapse.

Before him there was a wooded rise.  He decided he would rest there before trudging onwards.  It would at least give him some measure of cover.  

On reaching the summit, he flopped down next to a pine, and undid his boots. He pulled off his sock on the injured leg and looked at the swelling.  He knew instinctively, that the greying toes were not a good sign.  He sat and considered putting his boots back on, before his ankle swelled too much to actually accomplish the task, but the pine needles beneath his feet gave a pleasant sensation that he didn’t want to give up.  

As he reflected on his options, a loud explosion could be heard from the direction he had come.  He concluded that the military was trying to counter the ineffable “thing,” that had arrived that morning.  He began to wonder how many people had already left this vale owing to its arrival.  Suddenly, there was another tremendous explosion.  His musings thus interrupted, he forced his boots back on, determined to extend his distance from the “thing.”




Wordle #206

Vale– the world, or mortal or earthly life
Pine Needles

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