The Weekend Shop

Shop, Store, Open, Shopping, Retail

The Weekend Shop was not your typical store.  First of all it was only open from 3 PM on Friday afternoon until 3 PM Sundays.  It carried a wide assortment of odd merchandise.  Much of it centred around weekend activities such as gardening and beach-going.   Customers could buy plastic buckets and spades for the kids, sunglasses, and beach towels.  Hedge trimmers, rakes, and ceramic planters also featured.  Once I even saw a set of 3-D glasses meant just for that perfect Saturday afternoon cinematic experience.  While all these goods might be found in more conventional retailers, what really set The Weekend Shop apart was its loyalty programme.   Regular customers could build-up credits towards the platinum ticket which converted any random Wednesday into a second Saturday.  Now that’s a deal!


Sunday Writing Prompt.- The Weekend Shop

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