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I will try to not deviate, but I will try to explain in an orderly fashion how I came to be where I am on this.  With the current state of the pandemic bringing about the dual challenge of limited access to venues and resources, and the economic impact that might well accompany it, the logical approach is to stick with the more mobile option, in which the changing situation can be accommodated while also not breaking the bank.  That said personal preference needs to be accounted for as well, as a generic option might well leave me with a feeling that my true needs are not being catered for, and make me seek alternatives at a later date which might entail additional movement into the community, with the associated contact with others in order to acquire a more satisfying and palatable alternative, which in turn would necessitate a greater drain of my uncertain financial resources.  Therefore, with this considered, I believe that the best course of action is to go for the grilled corned beef on German rye, with thousand island dressing, a kiss of mustard, and a thick slice of Polish dill pickle.


FOWC with Fandango — Deviate

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