Simple Plan

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The plan couldn’t have been simpler. The monarch’s secretary would contact the guards and say that water was dripping through the ceiling of the apartment where the deposed ruler was being confined.

Loyalists would then forcefully occupy all of the appropriate tradesmen’s establishments in the surrounding area. Then when the guards sent for a repair team to investigate the complaint, and tradesman of known loyalty would be sent to the royal apartment, and a switch would take place, with the apprentice and the monarch trading garments and identities. A fake beard on the chin of both would complete the ruse.

All went to plan in phase one. Four teams of loyalists entered the workshops of the known anti-Royalist tradesmen. The assumption was that these would be the ones sent for by the coup’s leaders.

Sure enough, Ranski and Son were sent for, and the plan was set into motion. Loyal Karl Darnit and his apprentice Jan made their way to the palace, in the Ranski work wagon. They were ushered into the royal chamber, and proceeded to make such a noise and dust cloud that the guard accompanying them decided to wait outside the apartment for them to finish. Meanwhile, the monarch sat on a window seat and waited for the next phase.

With the guard driven from the room, Jan removed his overalls and fake beard, and they were quickly donned by the former ruler. A suitable amount of dust was then thrown over the deposed leader, and Jan now with a silk robe across his shoulders assumed the window seat position with his back to the door.

Darnit then went and banged on the door and announced that he was finished. The monarch, now bearing a ladder over the left shoulder began to follow the master craftsman out, only to be cut off by the guard. Yes, it proved to be an epic fail when the ample busted, and five-foot tall, Queen Hilda, replete with beard on chin, proceeded to trip over the extra fabric of the skinny, six-foot-three-inch tall, Jan Yanski’s overalls.

Such fails have ever since been known as Darnits.


Tale Weaver – #294 – Epic Fail

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