The Space

Akatsiya, Tank, Weapon, Armor, Military

“And that’s final,” Edgar shouted as he closed the front door in his neighbour’s face.

“What was all that about?” his wife, Martha asked.

“That numbskull next door expects me to move the car.  He says that I am taking ‘his’ space in front of ‘his’ house. Well, I told him there are no assigned parking spots on this street, and it’s finders keepers.”

About an hour later, Martha came into the TV room and said, “Honey, that space you so vehemently argued over; I think you should move our car.”

“Why should I?” Edgar challenged in a cross tone.

“Well I think you should go have a look. John seems to have come up with a better argument than finders keepers.”



FOWC with Fandango — Vehement

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