To Bill Shakestick Indebted: A Challenge

Public Domain

Thee(s) and thou(s) no longer a thing

They have for most an archaic ring

As teachers imbue knowledge

Of some Danish prince

The unfamiliar phrases

Make our brains wince

We sit in class – quite subdued

“To be or not” leaves us confused

And yet for some – the enlightened few

The rhythms sink-in and spark something new

Rhymes fill your imagination and there they stew

You start writing poetry – what else can you do?

If something like this has happened to you

Then share a verse on how it is true

Now with no more gilding the lily

No further ado 

I leave the next verse – up to you





Please do give it a try and share.



4 thoughts on “To Bill Shakestick Indebted: A Challenge

  1. Since you invite… this was a trailer written for a story I posted back in 2013: Roots of Rookeri

    Two cultures, both cursed with maladiction;
    In far Lecheni, where we start our scene,
    From ancient signs breaks now a new prediction.
    Soon guiltless blood makes guilty hands unclean.

    In Raselstad a star-crossed actor cries.
    Orphaned, and Council-robbed of valid roots
    Results in misadventures counter-wise,
    And ire-sharpened writings, resolute.

    The fearful passage of conjoining moons,
    A continuation of priest’s lost key,
    Shore’s heiress scholar daughter lately swoons
    And all to heal an ancient ailing tree

    The which if you with patience now should read
    ‘Tis not tragedy but, as you like it—

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