Guy, Man, People, Dark, Shadow, Hands, Sad, Crying

“I’m here for you” is the thing you say,

But your tone and manner say “Go away.”

You do not seem to feel my pain

You response to it is quite inane

Have you ever felt low ebb

Or is your heart just in your head

I do not need your sympathy

But for you just to stand with me



10 thoughts on “Empathy

  1. Empathy is rare these days unfortunately … and sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around it and figure out why. We need to stand together as one. Now more than ever.

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  2. This truly brought me to tears. I can’t say how much this resonates at this time after losing my stepson a few weeks ago. SO many think that a simple Facebook comment is a proper dose of empathy. It’s not….and yes, there is a big difference between empathy and sympathy. Thank you for putting my pain into words. I hope this poem does not reflect any raw or recent pain of your own.

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