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It started like any other day

But events took a life of their own

In a flash all sense of security

Was stripped from the idea of home

It all seemed beyond their control

For those who there did dwell

How did the quarrel of others

Turned their own lives to hell?

Though none who lived there

Were in body harmed

No wounds that you can see

The damage of their sense of certainty

Like the walls, bear the day’s legacy



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It came as no surprise to anyone when she entered the church and found it inhabited by winged predators.  They knew she was coming, and had prepared carefully.  Minions had arrived in advance of the fiends, and removed everything that might serve her.  Crosses and relics had been disposed of and holy water flushed away.  Even the wooden slats of the altar rail had been burned.  Sister Sally, vampire slayer, was entering an ambush on her own turf.

But as I have said, it was a surprise to no one, not even Sally.  The nun had seen Boris Wyldmane, a known consort of the dark powers entering into the sacred space hours before.  This uncharacteristic departure from his usual habit of only entering black doors had alerted Sally to the danger.

As she began down the aisle, several blood sucking menaces stepped from the cabinet before her.   Then bearing true malice and exuding evil, their leader, Domcumula stepped front and centre, followed by his sycophant Wyldmane.

“Prepare to die, slayer,” Domcumula spat.

“Not today,” Sally retorted, “I have come equipped with a mask, and the daylight of ‘real’ scientific advice.” 

The battle was epic!



Sunday Writing Prompt


Quick Thinking

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This isn’t right, the black-clad ninja thought as he opened his eyes.

He vaguely remembered mounting the battlements, and then being pushed backwards off of the wall.  In desperation he had grabbed hold of the warrior that had shoved him, and the two fell together to the ground below.  Somehow, he had managed to land on top of the soldier, who was definitely dead, his head turned at a grotesque angle. 

As the ninja came to his senses, he could tell that the defenders were combing through the bodies at the base of the wall, retrieving their fallen and mercilessly dispatching their foes. 

The assassin quickly began to undress and to strip the armour and equipment from the man who had accompanied him on his fall.   As he removed his own britches, agonising pain shot through his entire body, and he could see the jagged bone of his left leg protruding through the skin.  He nevertheless completed the task at hand, and donned the garb of the other man.  His ribs also gave him pain, as he pulled on the jerkin.  He pulled his own clothes onto the corpse, and then feigned unconsciousness on top of the body.

A few moments later, he let out an uncontrolled scream, when he was nudged in the leg by the boot of one of the burial party.

“Call the medic,” the man shouted.  “We have a live one.”

The man then stooped down over the ninja.

“Who are you?” the man asked in Ralulee, gazing uncertainly at the ninja’s features.

“I Sealandian Mercenary,” he replied, doing his best to remember the Ralulee phrase for ‘soldier of fortune.’

“You took a hell of a fall,” the man said, lightening up a little.

“He grab me – take down me,” he replied, trying to stress a Sea-Land’s accent.”

“Well help is coming,” the man said.  “We will get you to the infirmary in no time.”

The ‘mercenary’ only really understood the word ‘help’, and ‘infirmary,’ but under the circumstances it sounded perfect to him.

Soon, he was being carried on a stretcher through the gates, into the fortress that he had attempted to storm the night before.  What are the chances, he thought to himself.  Why didn’t I think of something like this in the first place?



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“Mom, what’s zany mean?” Alice asked.

“Funny in a slap-stick kind of way.  Like I Love Lucy.”

“Is that the black and white one with all the canned laughter?”

“Yes, with the silly wife, and the husband that owns a night club.”

“Okay I think I got it now.  Thanks.”

Vocabulary homework: Zany – Tired forced comedy that only the TV laughs at.


Weekend Writing Prompt #176 – Zany in 62 words

Tudor Tutorial

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Henry had Henry

Who had Ed, Mary, and Liz

That’s the way it works

In the royalty bizz

Spanish Mary failed – to give Eight a son

So he divorced her

And sent her to live like a nun

He then married Anne because she was hot

But to do so – he became a Prot

Exit Rome, to monks say goodbye, 

Till Mary made her entrance and Cranmer did die

Along came Liz and the papacy she forbids

She sank some Spanish boats –

But she didn’t have kids

To Scotland for a new monarch

An invitation – they did send

So there our Tudorial must come to an end



Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces:

Our words this week are:

– divorced and married

– exit and entrance

To Bill Shakestick Indebted: A Challenge

Public Domain

Thee(s) and thou(s) no longer a thing

They have for most an archaic ring

As teachers imbue knowledge

Of some Danish prince

The unfamiliar phrases

Make our brains wince

We sit in class – quite subdued

“To be or not” leaves us confused

And yet for some – the enlightened few

The rhythms sink-in and spark something new

Rhymes fill your imagination and there they stew

You start writing poetry – what else can you do?

If something like this has happened to you

Then share a verse on how it is true

Now with no more gilding the lily

No further ado 

I leave the next verse – up to you





Please do give it a try and share.




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“I think we lost them,” Alex the meerkat said.

“Are you sure?” Jumba asked.

“Yes, I think we jumped behind this tree in the knick of time.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Jumba said.  “Those safari tourists really get on the nerves.  The thought of having my photo taken makes my tusks itch.”

“Well, no worries about that.  Even humans cant see through trees.”



Mother Hubbard

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The cupboard wasn’t bare, but a few garlic bulbs and some salt didn’t exactly make for fine dining.  Mrs. Hubbard drew some water from the well and proceeded to make a thin garlicy soup. 

When the meagre broth was ready she spooned it out for her visitors. “Blessed meal,” she said, feeling blessed to have something to share. 

“Aren’t you having some?” the tall man asked.

“No, I had a hearty breakfast,” she lied.

When the travellers were finished they thanked her and departed. She then licked the two bowls clean.

The king returned the next day to reward her.

(100 words)


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