Forbidden Love

Janek-Sedlar at DeviantArt

It is said that in a secret clearing in the Great Wood, two barren trees are captured in time.

Alion the woodsman had captured the attention of Nain the wife of the Wizard of the Wood. At first their relationship had been mere friendship. Nain enjoyed the gentle good-natured humour of the handsome woodsman, but as time progress it grew into an infatuation. The infatuation, in turn, became love – a love readily reciprocated.

It was not long before their rendezvouses became frequent and the Wizard of the Wood grew suspicious of his young wife’s departures from his keep.

Then came the fateful day when she departed the keep in a cheery spirit. The wizard transformed himself into a woodpecker and followed her into the forest.

As the woodman and Nain embraced, the wizard was filled with rage and in his anger changed them into trees. They have ever since been destined to stand in the clearing suffering the ravages of woodpeckers.



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