After the Pillow Talk

Tree, Nature, Lawn, Landscape, Sky, Idyllic

Wesley Carson was a gun-slinging man

As he sat under that old willow tree.

Not a care in the world did he seem to have

As he sat there all laz’n ‘n easy.

As smoke of his cigarillo – did billow

And his mind was there all at rest,

His one peccadillo was that he’d shared a pillow

With the wife trial-hand – Tommy McGee.

Now Tommy was a jealous man

For his Bessie – she was his world

And though Wes with a gun was a skilled hand –

That did him no good with McGee.

For Bess had removed the tornillo

From Wesley’s – maker of peace.

And so the reward she did gather

After he was deceased.

For five hundred was on old Wes’s head

A fact he whispered in bed.

So beware of whom you share a pillow

Cuz you might rightly end up dead.


Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 17 October 2020

  1. willow
  2. billow
  3. pillow
  4. tornillo
  5. peccadillo
  6. cigarillo

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