Remember the Audience

Warrior, Woman, Sword, Wild, Beauty, Blonde, Girl

The tension was high as the party entered the enclosure.  It was then that Julie caught sight of a Goblin waiting in ambush in a side corridor.  She drew her sword which immediately began to radiate with a soft blue glow. She then stepped into a small recess to engage the fiend.

As she did a huge icosahedron rolled across her pathway, unbalancing her.  “Shit,” she shouted in shock and exasperation.  “What in the hell was that?”

Her comrades looked on in disbelief, until Ted, the wizard,  finally said, “Um – Jules, I think you might have forgotten that this blog is a PG forum, and that you might need to rein in your explicatives a bit.”

“Yeah, Julie,” Tina interjected.  “It was only a d20.” 

“The Goblin got a Nat 20 on initiative,” Brian the DM said.  “What do you plan on doing next?  And whatever it is, roll with disadvantage for your potty-mouth.”




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