The House Knows

Roulette, Table, Chips, Casino, Game, Gambling, Winner

The Bell was a generally reputable establishment, though not one known for its first class accommodation.  It had a good stable yard, and a shed in which the wagon could be secured for the night, and an eye kept on it by a burly Dwarf that served as the yard-man. 

The tavern itself was a three-floor affair with a shingle roof and a spacious dining area.   Signage in several languages proclaimed that it had the most honest gambling suite in the region, and bore warnings of severe consequences for any who might attempt to cheat. 

“How would they know?” Luke asked, with an eye on the sign.

“Do you see the woman at the little desk next to the bar?” Maya asked.

“Yes, the one playing solitaire,” Luke responded.

“She’s not playing cards,” Maya corrected.  “She is doing readings on all who pass through that curtain.  She knows more of their intentions than they do.  I advise that you don’t go in there with dishonest intentions, and better still don’t go there at all.”

“Yes Auntie Maya,” Luke said sarcastically.

“And no, I’m not your mother,” Maya rejoined.  “But that doesn’t mean your thoughts aren’t easy to read,” she said with a shake of her head.

“I – um.  Let’s get a table,” Luke said and went off to find one big enough for the party.


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