It’s Easy

lake surrounded with tall and green trees during daytime
Deva Darshan at Unsplash

“Okay, you’re on your own from here,” Thacker said.

“‘From here?’ Where’s here?” Jenkins asked with some confusion.

“Well- Here is where the Ullanon meets the Little Ulla, and it’s as far as I go.”

“But how are we supposed to get to the logging camp?” Weiss asked.

“Well, it’s easy. Just follow the Little Ulla up that way, and with a little luck and a little hard walking, I’m sure you’ll get there is a few days,” Thacker replied.

“How many’s a few?” Jenkins asked.

“Well, if it were me – and it isn’t – maybe three. With you two – maybe four, unless you stand here all day wasting my time, then five.”

“May I ask why you are stopping here?” Jenkins asked.

“Sure you can,” Thacker responded. “It is because from here I’m going to back to Port Newton and bringing some other loggers up here.”

“But why?”

“Two reasons really, first is so you can see how the place was intended to look before you came messing it up, and the other is that Eco-Guard pays me bring you all this way.”

“But you said you were our guide. Didn’t the logging company pay you to get us all the way there?” Weiss asked. “Isn’t that dishonest.”

“No dishonesty to it. I never said I worked for the loggers, you just assumed it. I hope you gents have a good day, and if I were you I would be making a start.” With that Thacker turned and headed back downriver.


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