The Superposition Supposition Mission

niklin1 at DeviantArt.

Merton thought that delivering parcels again might be a nice little money spinner to help make ends meet in his retirement.  The first few deliveries for the university seemed straightforward enough.  Then came the Schrödinger delivery.  He was told that he had to collect a box containing a cat from the physics lab.  He was then to deliver the same box back to the same lab the next day.  When the delivery was made, he was told to repeat the process for the next two weeks.  Under no circumstances was he to open the box, or attempt to feed or water the cat.   

The professors all seemed really excited about this arrangement, and there was much discussion as to whether the cat was living or dead.  

Merton just didn’t get what those eggheads were carrying on about.   After all, with his thirty years working  for UPS he knew the answer.  Well, after he had kicked the box down the hallway, dropped it from the back of his van, forgotten it twice on the subway, and placed it under five heavier boxes to make space, the answer seemed obvious.




Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #88


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