Alligator Fears

USS Alligator 0844401.jpg
USS Alligator – Public Domain

“So we are going to climb into that thing and do what exactly?” Petty Officer Brown asked.

“Well, it seems we are to supposed to go destroy a bridge, and remove some obstacles the Rebs have put in the channel.”


“Yes, the Alligator is perfect for it.” the engineer said.

“Yes Sir, if you say so Sir,” the sailor responded.

“You sound doubtful,” the engineer observed.

“Well Sir, it seems to me that keeping afloat is what the Navy is about, and this sinking on purpose seems a little daft.”

“Well, times are changing Petty Officer, you will see.”

“I hope I will be able to when this mission’s done,” the sailor replied crossing himself. “I just of this gator’s not a crock.”


Tale Weaver – #298 – Underwater – 22nd October

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