Walter had never been much for intangible things. He was a hands-on kind of guy, and years of working as a plumber had taught him how to solve problems.

It was three years after he retired that his vision started to go, and being a self-reliant fellow he resisted his wife, Evie’s suggestions that he go to the opticians for glasses. As the blurring got worse, he finally gave in.

What he didn’t realise was that his sight had been less than perfect for much longer than he had thought. The new specs really made a difference, and before long he had taken to reading pretty much whatever he could put his hands on.

Then he found the family Bible. Before he knew it, he had reached the Book of Isaiah. The entire thing enthralled him. There were stories and ideas far beyond what he had considered before.

It was on his sixty-eighth birthday that he reached the book of John, and those glasses must have been something special, because on that day his life had clarity.

(177 words)


Flash Fiction

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