Ice, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Flavors, Colorful, Waffle

Charlotte had a dilemma of sorts. It was nearly time to go back to work, but as she had met up with Debz for her break, it hadn’t really been much of a rest since they chased about a bit checking out the stalls at the sea front. Now her ice cream was starting to melt, and run down the cone onto her hand. Should she throw it out and head to the office, or just eat the whole thing quickly – risking a brain-freeze? Well at over a pound a scoop a little freeze was a small price to pay.


“Our challenge is all about “opposing forces” and the use of antithesis in our writing. You will need to use the two opposing words in your response – which can be poetry or prose.”

Our words this week are:

– melt and freeze

– rest and work

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