With Me Abide

Couple, Hug, Sunset, Coast, Lovers

Come and with me abide

In a world of our own making – rest

A place where our every dream comes true

An intimate lovers’ nest

Come and with me abide

In each other’s embrace remain

Cares melt away

As we snuggle side by side


dVerse – Abide

Hand Wash Only

Ryan McGuire at Pixabay

The missing sock dilemma has long puzzled people. How do so many odd socks appear in the laundry? Some have hypothesised that they are the offspring of full pairs, while others hold that there is some maleficent being that devours odd socks. Many have dismissed this latter theory. That was until some chilling events took place in a launderette not for from the sight of an industrial chemical spill. It seems that the toxins in the water supply have caused mutations in the sock-eating entities. They have not only increased in size, but in their appetite. New government advice now recommends handwashing only. I repeat – hand wash only.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #94

Humble Destiny

Iga Palacz at Unsplash

A cobbled lane weaves through the town

And for those that know the way

Their fortunes can along it be made

As they discover destiny

It may seem to you a humble street

Past daub and wattle houses quaint

But there are those there you might meet

With opportunities for you to aquaint

Jack did here meet a man

As his cow to market he led

A few beans he did recieve

Worth great riches, so he said

The rest of the story is well known

Riches he did recieve

So don’t be fooled by humble looks

For their simplicity can deceive

Take your chances

Tread cobbled lanes

Seek your destiny

And you too might

Come to fame

If only you believe



Sweet Betsy (Bessie)

Sweet Betsy (Bessie) from Pike is an American folk song. There are several variations of it (like with many traditional songs). It does meet Jim Adams’ lyrical challenge to write about a song that includes Bird/Cat/Dog/Fish/Pet. Well our Betsy surely has an old yellow dog!



Did you ever hear tell of sweet Bessie from Pike?
She crossed the high mountains with her lover Ike,
With a tall yoke of oxen, and an old yellow dog,
A big shanghai rooster, and an old spotted hog.

[One evening quite early they camped on the Platte,
‘Twas near by the road on a green shady flat,
Where Bessie, sore-footed, lay down to repose,
With wonder Ike gazed on his Pike County rose.]

[The shanghai ran off and their cattle all died,
That morning the last piece of bacon was fried;
Poor Ike was discouraged and Bessie got mad;
The dog drooped his tail and looked wondrously sad.]

They stopped at Salt Lake to enquire the way,
Old Brigham he swore that sweet Bessie would stay,
Sweet Bessie got scared, run away like a deer,
Old Brigham he pawed up the ground like a steer.

[Sweet Bessie got up in a great deal of pain,
Declared she’d go back to Pike County again;
But Ike gave a sigh, and they fondly embraced,
And they traveled along with his arm ’round her waist.]

[This Pike County couple got married of course,
But Ike became jealous, obtained a divorce.
Sweet Bessie, well satisfied, said with a great shout,
“Good-by, you big lummox, I’m glad you backed out!”]

Source: https://mnheritagesongbook.net/the-songs/addition-song-with-recordings/sweet-bessie-from-pike/

Like No Other

Running, Sports, Swimming, Triathlon, Athlete

It was a contest like no other. Twelve elite examples of human physical and mental “perfection” would go through a gruelling challenge which included sleep deprivation, hunger, and exposure all coupled with gluttony and excess.

The participants were truly remarkable and included a US Navy Seal, a Russian Cosmonaut, three Ultramarathoners, and Dee Winomp: triathlete, yoga master, and Mensa superstar.

On day one the participants had a thirty mile run over variable terrain, followed by a half mile swim. Calories were limited to a mere one thousand. That night they were limited to two hours and thirty minutes sleep. They were then bundled onto a waiting aircraft and flown to northern Canada to take part in a ski journey of another thirty miles. At the end each of the intrepid group was presented with the task of consuming 8 to 10 units of alcohol (dependent on their body weight) and then were to complete a series of cognitive tasks.

Another flight and six hours of sleep led to day three, in which six thousand calories of fast food were consumed before another three units of alcohol, before a ten mile run, and a twenty mile cycle journey.

Over the next few days, similar mixes of boom and bust, as well as cognitive tests followed. Exposure to the tear gas, and sensory depravation chambers “enriched” the experience.

It was indeed a spectacle. The winner of the contest was Katie Brown, aged 54, of Milan, Tennessee who accurately picked the last drop out. She incredibly predicted that it would be Alexander Krumlov, of the Czech Special Forces who passed out exactly at her forecasted nine days, thirteen hours, and twenty minutes.

As for the dozen participants in the field, they each received their contracted fees. Katie however was the recipient of three million dollar grand prize. Welcome to the world of “reality” television.


Sunday Writing Prompt – “It was a contest like no other.”

Prepared For Anything

MichaelSwanson at Morguefile

The castaways did their best to make a new life on the rugged coast. One of their early decisions was to use what remained of the ship’s rigging to build a settlement safe from the poisonous snakes, and marauding wolves that filled this strange land. By taking to the trees they also could keep a clear eye seaward and prepared beacons if a ship might happen to appear on the horizon. They even began to grow boxed gardens on their elevated dwelling platforms. Yes; floods, snows, and predators all were accounted for. They were ready for anything. Then came the beaver invasion.



Baptism, Christianity, Jordan River, Yardenit, Israel

By a riverside they come

Their faith to clearly convey

Following the Jordan example

The Spirit’s commandment to obey

Buried beneath the water

To be lifted – to rise again

A new path of devotion

In their life – Jesus to reign


Matthew 3:13-17; Acts 2:38