A Musical Joke

Pay attention to or jump to 18:30 and beyond

“I don’t get it,” Rick said.

“Get what?” Angie replied.

“The Mozart thing. It’s supposed to be a joke, right?”

“Yes, and it is a clever one,” Angie explained.

“I don’t think I will ever get you musicians.”

“How’s that?” Angie asked.

“Like it’s not funny,” Rick replied.

“Why I have a great sense of humour,” she said pouting. She then got out her phone and played a video for him.

“See” she said.

“Not bad but still not really ha ha funny.”

“Okay, what would you call a musical joke?” she asked.

“Um, something more like this,” he replied and pressed play on his phone.

“I had to ask,” she said shaking her head. “Okay, you win.”


Sunday Writing Prompt – 1st November –It Was A Joke

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