The Long Drove

MorgueFilleOctober 2020file000180116622

Sister and brother, Deana and Don continued down the long drove. They had been told there was a rave at an abandoned house at the end of the tree-lined lane.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” Deana challenged.

“It’s right were it is supposed to be,” he replied holding up the hand drawn map his friend Kevin had made for him. “We came off Forest Street, and turned onto the third left.”

“Well it has been going on forever,” she complained. “Look, we have been on this stupid lane for twenty minutes,” she said checking her watch. “Ring Kevin now, and double check.”

“There’s no signal,” Don said.

Deana took out her phone as well. “I don’t have one either,” she said with obvious frustration.

“Uh oh. I don’t like this,” Don said. “Isn’t that the orange peel you dropped ten minutes ago?” he said pointing.

“Can’t be,” Deana replied uncertainly. “We’ve been walking straight ahead and their haven’t any turnings.”

It’s been ten years since they were last seen. They would be 26 and 27 now.


Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner

Sorry, but I am still in Gothic – Halloween mode.

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