Marine Corps Memorial, Washington Dc

Fidelity – “faithfulness,” is to many a concept that fits into nice little pigeon holes. You remain faithful to your spouse, and never stray sexually. You are faithful to your country, though paying taxes can be a little flexible. You’re are faithful to the truth, well unless a “little lie” might serve some greater purpose.

There are those, however, for whom fidelity is not an abstract. It is, in fact, a creed. Such loyalty is a matter of character, an indwelling integrity that is sometimes hard for others to ascertain in themselves. How can someone be cold and wet, and be deprived of sleep, that others might sleep snuggly? How can a person lay down their own life for people they have never met?

The answer is simple – fidelity. In fact, “Semper Fidelis,” the state of being always faithful is what sets some apart.


FOWC with Fandango — Fidelity

RDP Friday – Ascertain


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