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They were in dire need of a breakthrough.  The year had been a hard one and the last vestiges of civil society were evaporating.  Few even had a modicum of humanity left in them.  It seemed that it was everyone for themselves.  Who could have thought that such a situation could arise just because the pubs were closed?


Weekend Writing Prompt #185 – Dire  in 58 words

FOWC with Fandango — Modicum

7 thoughts on “Dire

  1. I ran a pub in a small village for many years. It was the hub and everything revolved around it. It ran continuously from 1753 until last week when it closed its doors for the last time. It’s now boarded up leaving the current owner in severe financial difficulties and the villagers nowhere to socialise, hold meetings, run their clubs and simply have fun. RIP The Brewers Arms.

    My fifty-eight!

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