grayscale photo of trees and road

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The road may not be of yellow bricks

To an emerald city it may not lead

But it is one that nonetheless

New friends and companions does breed

Lions and tigers we may not face

But instead unrest and disease

And we with common purpose will have strode

The future’s winding road

This might not be Kansas anymore

Or London for that matter

But as long as we hold onto our resolve

All our obstacles we will shatter



Marine Corps Memorial, Washington Dc

Fidelity – “faithfulness,” is to many a concept that fits into nice little pigeon holes. You remain faithful to your spouse, and never stray sexually. You are faithful to your country, though paying taxes can be a little flexible. You’re are faithful to the truth, well unless a “little lie” might serve some greater purpose.

There are those, however, for whom fidelity is not an abstract. It is, in fact, a creed. Such loyalty is a matter of character, an indwelling integrity that is sometimes hard for others to ascertain in themselves. How can someone be cold and wet, and be deprived of sleep, that others might sleep snuggly? How can a person lay down their own life for people they have never met?

The answer is simple – fidelity. In fact, “Semper Fidelis,” the state of being always faithful is what sets some apart.


FOWC with Fandango — Fidelity

RDP Friday – Ascertain


French Gravy

Fireplace, Wood, Fire, Boil Water, Cook, Flame, Heat

Boss Little stared down at his plate, and shook his head.

“Cookie, what in the world is this?” he asked.

“Well Captain, that there is beans with gravy,” the old cook replied.

“Gravy?” the trail boss asked.

“Yep-per, that’s good eat’n. It’s got biscuit dissolved in coffee, a spoonful of lard, and an intire glove of garlic.”

Captain Little held it to his nose and shook his head again. “Good eating, you say?”

“That’s right. It’s proper French gravy,” the cook said. “Bone – apiteet.”

Little walked away from the fire and couldn’t help but count the days till the company’s regular cook, Stubby Greene was due back from Owl Fork.


An Oregon Trail tale – see

FOWC with Fandango — Gravy

News (2)

Newspaper, News Media, Print Media

There’s some good news –

And some bad news.

That was fake news,

Says the half-baked news.

Fox News and what’s not news;

No news is good news.

Yesterday’s news –

Is still news –

If you haven’t heard news.

It’s enough to thrill news

That’s just about enough news muse.


Dramatic Entrance

woman bending on sidewalk during daytime
Mahir Uysal at Unsplash

The new recruits for the League of Superheroes were in their first week of training.  Day three was about “Arriving in the nick of time.”  The instructor, Magnificent Dude was showing the recruits the classic knees-bent-one-fist-to-the-ground landing. 

“Okay, now one of you try,” Magnificent Dude challenged.

A young woman in a mix-matched ensemble raised her hand, and then jumped lightly into the air, before landing in a stylised toes first, reverse balanced landing. 

“That’s rather impressive, but it’s not exactly what I had in mind,” Magnificent Dude said.

“Well yes, but Flexo Dame said yesterday, that we were to innovate and find our own signature style,” she retorted.

“And that you have, DQ.  Well done,”  the instructor acknowledged.  Everybody let’s all give a round of applause to Drama Queen.  She’s going to go far, I can see already.”