Squirrel Hunting in the Mountains

Squirrel, Autumn, Animal, Nature

A squirrel hunting in the mountains

Searching for acorns among the fallen leaves

Filling up her winter larder

Before the ground does solid freeze

Diligent little creature

Storing up for the winter rest

She seems so lively

As she goes about her quest


dVerse – Poetics: travels in the wild

12 thoughts on “Squirrel Hunting in the Mountains

  1. I’m so glad it was a squirrel doing the hunting and not a hunter after the squirrel! I hope it found plenty of acorns to fill its winter larder. The one in my garden seems to have found all it wants.

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  2. I like that you turned the phrase “squirrel hunting etc” to” A squirrel hunting etc.” You took the negative connotation and changed it to a charming poem. Bravo to you, Padre!

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