Fae, Fairy, Fairytales, Magic, Fantasy, Elf, Woman

As far as fairies go, Thistle was difficult to get on with. There was no doubt that she lived up to her name, as she had a truly prickly disposition. Before you begin to go on about hedgehogs being prickly and yet sweet, Thistle was no hedgehog. She was in fact a rather ill-tempered Brownie.

Most things seemed to displease, Thistle. There was no dancing under the moon for her. She far preferred to drag branches across forest paths and then sit back to see who might stumble over them in the night. Yes, for our dark-mooded Brownie, that was a thing of pleasure.

But while Mother Nature is tolerant of the actions of the Wee Folk, she does have her limits. So in the fulness of time there came some payback. Our prickly malefactor awoke one morning to find that the tables were turned. It seems that the while she had laughed heartily at the merchant she had tripped up the evening before, she hadn’t realised that her little trick had been accomplished with a bough of poison oak.

Spotty, itchy Thistle got her just desserts. Well they do say what goes around, comes around.


Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – Fairies

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