Million Euro Idea

White Ceramic Sink With Faucet
Andrew Neel at Pexels

It happened in the inauspicious surroundings of a hotel bathroom. That’s right, the bathroom. Louisa Ruiz had stepped out of the shower and gazed at the distorted image of herself in the steam-clouded mirror and it struck her. There had to be a way to overcome the phenomenon. After all she was in a hurry, the meeting was in three quarters of an hour, and there was still her makeup and hair to do. Wiping the mirror with a towel still left condensation and streaks, and going to the mirror at the hotel room desk meant leaving the warmth of the bathroom. It was then she decided that an app must be the answer. By photographing the condensation pattern on the glass, and then the distorted image in the mirror, the program would compare them to the file photos of the user, and give them a real-life view on their screen to use for makeup or shaving. That’s how the twenty-million Euro company “Clear View” was born.


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