Restrictions May Apply

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20 Dec 2020

Dear Mr Christopher Kringle,

We here at the Department of Health are thankful for the receipt of the documents you have forwarded to us indicating that you have been vaccinated with the Russian Covid “Sputnik” serum. While we appreciate the efforts you have made to insure that your planned “business” visit conform to our present quarantine guidelines, we must inform you that at present we hold that the Russian vaccination is still listed by us as “unproven.” We therefore request that you report to the UK approved vaccination clinic indicated with all urgency. We have enclosed an appointment document for you, and as you are over 85 years of age, this should not be construed as favouritism. Please be advised that if you fail to make this appointment your access to certain areas (please refer to Tier 4 map enclosed) may be severely restricted. Please also be advised that wearing a suitable face covering, hand sanitation, and social distancing should be practiced at all times while in the UK. As an added hygiene measure we strongly suggest that you avoid foodstuffs left in high traffic areas such as living rooms and kitchens on uncovered plates. We thank you for your diligent attention in these matters, and the Department hope you have a happy holiday season.

With kind regards,

Ms Sybil Servant


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