Warm Winter Refuge

Cabin, Woods, Fall, Historic, Nature, Forest, Landscape

Ali chopped a bit of salt pork and tossed it into the bubbling pot of black eyes. It would be a meagre dish but warming all the same, just as their little cabin at the edge of the forest was. As cold winter rain pelted the cedar shingles of the roof, she took a glance at the old coach clock on the mantlepiece and wondered when Jess and the boys would return. They really shouldn’t be out in weather like this, but the chores still needed doing. Just as she as pondering this, the door opened and Junior and Cole stomped mud off of their boots on the porch before entering. Jess wasn’t far behind, and soon the entire family were safe in their warm winter refuge.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the words black eyes and cold winter rain.

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