man in red and black plaid dress shirt holding white ceramic mug
Євгенія Височина at Unsplash

Here’s my busy lockdown itin – erarey

Sometime before noon – I’ll wake for some tea

I will stretch and I’ll yawn

And I put on the kettle

When it’s all brewed – then on the couch I’ll settle

That task completed I will check my email

Then check on the mat, if there is any snail

Then the kettle again

And back upstairs to my bed

And ponder the Netflix

Or watch YouTube instead

About three, some lunch is on the agenda

Not much – just a sandwich

Or smoothie from the blender

An afternoon shower is then to follow

And then more tea – I think I will swallow

After all of these harrowing chores

It’s time for a nap and accompanying snores

Once awake, it’ll be time for my dinner

I think an oven-baked pizza

Will be a sure winner

Now exhausted by all of my toil

I’ll put my last cuppa on to the boil

Another yawn and a stretch

My Jammies I’ll change

And head off to bed to start it over again


FOWC with Fandango — Itinerary

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