Bragging Rights

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Carol and Jean met every month for a coffee morning. They had been friends since high school, but their day to day lives had largely grown apart. Nonetheless, they did still enjoy their times to reminisce and catch up.

One January Carol remarked, “My Howard was ‘Associate of Year’ for the third year in a row. You won’t believe the bonus we got.”

“Jamie keeps us comfortable, and we always have enough to eat,” Jean replied with a smile.

In March, the conversation turned to summer plans. “We have two weeks in Hawaii this year. Hot and cold running everything,” Carol boasted.

“I think we will be visiting the Jamies’ mum at the coast. Debbie and Rory really love seeing their Nan, and exploring the beach,” Jean explained.

April found Carol talking about their new Jaguar and its heated leather seat. “And Howard negotiated such an amazing deal as well. He is so clever.”

“Our ‘Bessie,” as Jean called their Ford, “has character, I would hate to think of trading her in before her time. She’s part of the family.”

In May, Carol noted that, “A big push is on, and Howard is putting in some long hours, but who knows a Partnership might just be in sight.”

“Jamie’s home straight from work in the evenings, and plays with the kids before dinner,” Jean said with a reflective smile.

The July meeting found Carol explaining how Howard had been away on a couple of extended business trips, but that he brought back the most exquisite gifts. “In fact, this past weekend, he took me on a five star break in London, and a shopping spree in Knightsbridge.”

“That sounds lovely,” Jean commented. “Jamie never goes away for work and that’s just find with me. I can’t even imagine sleeping a night alone.”

In September, Carol showed off her holiday photos, and the new pearls Howard had got her.

“Jamie’s never gotten me pearls, but I know he loves me from the little things he does,” Jean said.

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” Carol replied with a hint of condescension.

In October, the coffee meet started much as normal. The Carol abruptly screamed and broke into tears. “I can’t believe he’s leaving me for that tart receptionist of his. I always knew she was trouble.”

“I am so so sorry Carol,” Jean said as compassionately as she could. “I can’t even imagine what that feels like.” Jeanie really couldn’t imagine it, nor would she ever have to.


FOWC with Fandango — Abrupt

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