In A Winter Glade

Forest, Nature, Landscape, Fog, Trees, Cold, Wintry


In a lean-to structure on a brumal day

A woman aged did chance to stay

She was no witch, but was seen that way

Why they thought so is hard to say

Her cloak drawn tightly against the cold 

She drew a small bundle from beneath its folds

Pouring some contents into a wee cauldron without haste

So that none of the herbs precious would go to waste 

She placed the strong pot onto the firewood with care

She struck her flint until the tinder did flare

Soon the fragrance of Chamomille filled the glade

And the sense winter dreary began to fade

Hot cup of tisane now in her hand

She settled back, the most fainéant person in all the land



Bonus Wordle “Witch”

Lean-to, Bundle, Witch, Chamomille, Herbs, Firewood, Cauldron, Cloak, Haste Brumal- wintry, Dreary, Fainéant- an idle or ineffective person

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