Root Beer Revelations

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“These are weird,” Jamie said holding up the bottle.

“I think so too,” Amy piped in. “Where’s the screw cap? And how do you even open them?”

“You use this opener,” Nanna replied.

“But then how do you close it again?” eight-year-old Jamie queried.

“Well, you don’t really.” his grandmother replied.

“That’s pretty silly,” seven-year-old Amy remarked. “What do you do with the extra? Won’t it all spill?”

“When I was a girl, we shared it,” Nanna replied.

“That’s disgusting,” Amy groaned. “You’ll get germs.”

“You can pour it into different glasses then,” their grandmother suggested.

“Yeah, and about glass. Don’t these break?” Jamie challenged.

“I guess they can, but you know glass is better for the environment than plastic,” Nanna reminded him.

“Do you know this was the only way root beer came when I was your age? If you ask me, it tastes better this way too. But – if it’s too weird for the two of you I guess I will just have to drink it all myself,” Nanna said.

“I guess it’s not that weird,” Jamie said sheepishly.

“No it’s kinda regular,” Amy said. “So we should share it with you like you said, Nanna.”

(198 words)


Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2020: Week #52

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