Fragile Vessel of Destiny

The God-King had ordered it, thus it had to be so. The male children were to be culled. Every new-born baby boy was to be cast into the river to face drowning, if the crocodiles didn’t get them first.

God-King or not, one enterprising mother was not going to subject her child to that fate. But how could it be avoided? The answer was to “obey” the edict. The child would be cast into the river, but in a water-proofed basket. The king had not given any details on how the infants were to be thrown into the water. A simple wicker basket, and a nice coating of tar would do the trick.

Thus Mosha was swaddled and placed in the well-pitched wickerwork before beginning his river journey, a journey that would shape the destiny of a people – no, the world. Talk about a basket case.



Tale Weaver – #309 – 7th January – A Basket Case

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