The Date

artbyrandy at Morguefile

Arthur had quite the crush on Millie back in high school. She saw him more as a dear friend, however. He never worked up the courage to reveal his feelings for her though, and she slipped through his fingers. He was sure if he would have been able to serenade her and express his feelings, he would have prevailed.

It was on the occasion of their sixtieth reunion that he discovered her again. On the on-line registration page it had brief biographies. Millie had been widowed for five years and he for six. Surely this was an opportunity not to miss. He contacted her, after some catching up she agreed to attend the reunion with him. He then arranged a meeting in the park near the old school a week before the reunion.

Dressed in his best suit, Arthur waited for his chance. Flowers in hand, and guitar ready he was going to find the courage to serenade her, and win her heart this time. And he did!


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #100

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