Boy Racer

MorgueFile d866585ec4bfc939586ed483fa46745c

Damion Weaver was quite the boy racer. He was constantly on the prowl to embarrass others with the power of his engine and his drag racing skills. He would work his way along side of his road rivals at traffic lights and rev his engine to indicate the challenge. He especially enjoyed doing it to “rich” kids in their flash motors or to guys with hot girlfriends in order to bring them down a peg or two.

Damion wasn’t quite prepared for his encounter with Melvin Milksop, however. Damion with the gorgeous Amy Bennett gracing his front seat pulled along side the seemingly unobtrusive Melvin in his twelve-year-old Nissan.

“Watch this,” Damion said with a wink to Amy, and revved his motor.

When the exhaust smoke cleared it was Damion that was left red faced. Little did he know that Melvin had only recently watched Ben-Hur on a dateless Friday night, and had learned a few things about “chariot races.”



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