Bones of Contention

Do Not Share A Toy


My brother and I never saw eye to eye.  Whether it be religion, politics, or even sports teams we couldn’t agree.   Sometimes it seemed that if I said it’s night, he would say it was day.  These divisions continued well after childhood, and it led for us living on opposite coasts and following very different lifestyles.  Sometimes I miss him.  Not the arguments, and definitely not the occasional fisticuffs, but rather the sense of belonging to someone – being a brother.  After all we share the same blood and history.  But I know full well that we will never have a relationship even now that we are entering a latter years.  Those bones of contention are quite real to this day, and sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy.  I wish they would lighten, and that I could see my brother again.

(144 words)


dVerse – Prosery: ‘Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy.’ (Spring Azures from the book Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.

10 thoughts on “Bones of Contention

  1. This is a sad write. My husband and his brother had such a contentious relationship, and I always felt they missed so much. \Perhaps another try at making peace?

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  2. I hope the two of you find your way to healing your relationship. Family is important and it is so hard when there is tension with in it. Beautifully written.

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