Living the Dream

Yacht, Boat, Millionaire, Wealth, Villa

He lived the dream that wasn’t his

A life splendid to those who looked from afar

Opulence and wealth were at his command

But they left his heart and emotions scarred

“For the sake of the family” he made his mark

A success in every way

But he wished he had just said “no”

To doing it Father’s way

He live a dream that wasn’t his

And though he was like a king

What he wished for most was a simpler life

And to ask “Unacceptable” Kitty to wear his ring



5 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Contrary to popular thought, wealth does not mean happiness. Divorce, alcoholism, and mental illness seem far more rampant among those with wealth. That ought to tell us something. He needs to sell the yacht and get a ring for Miss Kitty!

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