Liege – Rotterdam?

MorgueFile 7412431c75b38f899a79ef471a0d913e

He was in Liege; or was it Rotterdam? Hell, I don’t even know what country I’m in any more, he mused. Adam Golding had spent the last three months shuttling around Europe for the WHO. It was an endless stream of visits with local health officials, and hospital administrators. Frankly, it was all becoming a blur.

He was tired and the day hadn’t even really started yet. He glanced at his itinerary, and then at his watch. Okay, this is Rotterdam, he mused. Three hours till I meet with the committee. The sooner we get the vaccinations done, the better. I need a rest.

He jumped into the shower, and then dressed. A quick breakfast?” he thought. No, just coffee, he decided and flicked on the kettle in his room. Sometimes I wish I had become a vet like Dad, he thought reflectively, then shook his head at the thought. No, at least I’m making a difference, he concluded. I hope.



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