Fast Ball

brown leather bag with red logo

Ben Hershey at Unsplash

“What’s that?” David asked as he dug through an old cardboard box at his American Gran’s house.

“It’s your Dad’s,” Gran replied.

“But what is it?” David asked again.

“It’s a baseball glove,” Gran said.

“A catcher’s mitt, actually,” Dad interjected as he entered the room.

“Why do you need such a big leather glove like that just to play rounders?” David said with a slight tone of mockery.

“Baseball isn’t rounders,” Dad said.

“It sure looks like it,” David replied.

“Okay, it’s rounders if you consider it rounders if it uses a ball as hard as a cricket ball, and it comes at you at 80 miles per hour.”

“No way, really?”

“Yes, faster in the pros,” Dad said.

“I guess it isn’t rounders after all,” David said with a new found respect for his Dad.


Tale Weaver – #313 – Finding Something Forgotten

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