Invisible, Bowler, Suit, Hat, Glasses, Retro, Anonymous

“Whatever you do, don’t drink it. It is a lotion not a potion. It will make whatever it is put onto invisible, but it wont work on cloth. So, be careful, as if you get wet it can wash off and leave you exposed in more ways than one,” the merchant warned.

“Will it work on armour?” Helio asked.

“Anything except cloth, so metal is fine. I did have a customer complain once that after they stabbed a Goblin, the creatures could see the end of their sword blade where the blood had washed off the lotion.”

“So why this instead of a potion, or a cloak?” Helio queried.

“The decision is yours of course, but the lotion is 6 silver coins, the potion 6 gold, and the cloak 60 gold.”

“May I have three lotions then?” Helio said counting out the coins.

“Excellent choice,” the merchant said with a smile.


Tale Weaver – #314 – Lotion

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