A Tale of Four Doors: Acts Poem 12

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Liberation of St. Peter – Public Domain

Peter into prison thrown

And the saints for him did pray

For his salvation from the sword

That God would make a way

An angel of the Lord came to him

To lead him from captors free

And through the first and second doors

Then to the Iron Gate – Three

Into the city Peter did flee

To Mary’s house he made his way

And knocked upon that door – four

Behind which the church did pray

Rhoda to his beckoning she did attend

And his presence she made known

But despite their prayers the saints could not see

That he from custody had flown

Are we that way too?

Praying without expectation,

That God will answer our requests

As a rule and not the exception


Poem 12 based on Acts 12 for February Acts Poems

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