Depths’ Call

CCC #119

How far shall we descend?

How deep shall we dare to go?

How far out into the tide?

Is a question hard to know

Shall we wander away from land

Far from the realm of breath and air

Into the depths of Nepture’s lair

Where cold fingers of death may enclose?

Trouble me not with warnings shrill

Of tidings of impending doom

For the waters call to our mariners’ hearts

And I think they forever will


CCC #119

2 thoughts on “Depths’ Call

  1. Hey, you’ve managed to include Sammi’s prompt as well!
    The call of the sea is very strong to more than just the mariners. The kids have to paddle, or at least to throw stones (what is that?) granny must paddle (very daring with her skirts hitched high) the fellas have to show off their skills… oh yes, none is immune to the call of the sea. Certainly not me

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  2. My husnabd and I went to Florida and just sar by the pcean. He wanted to swim in it, but the tide was low and rocks were so plentiful that he opted not to do so, to my immense joy. But, we stayed in a condo facing the Intercoastal Waterway, and sat on the lanai and watched the parade of boats for four days. I felt such peace just being near the ocean and the waterway. I grew up in the city, so it has to be something God given that makes me love the ocean so much!

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